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Metallic colored accents are the new trend and who doesn’t love a bit of shine to catch the eye. I use products that have gold accents.Try it for faucets, picture frames and light switches. This cool bath tub by signature hardware with gold feet Is an eye catcher. The doggy is cool too.
At the Santa Barbara Polo Club field side.
.#roderickreed, #Santa Barbra Polo,#reedesigninteriors,#kathyreed
Kathy and I at The Santa Barbara Polo Club celebrating The Farmers and Merchants Team moving to the Semi Final.#roderickreed, #Santa Barbra Polo,#reedesigninteriors,#kathyreed
Our favorite cottage at Belmond del Encanto. a magical hotel in Santa Barbara.
With Good friend Steve Gleason In the vineyard at Four Lanterns Winery.#Steve Gleason,#Roderick Reed#reedesigninteriors
Enjoying some Pinot at Four Lanterns Winery Paso Robles. #fourlanternswinery
A family friends Ferrarri rests elegantly in front of Reedesigns’ Villa Martini. #Villa Martini#reedesign interiors.